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About EnAble Community

EnAble Community is the Indian domain of EnableMe. An inclusive community of persons with disability, their ecosystems and allies representing the Indian disability sector at a global level.

The vision of EnAble Community is to build a one-stop unified virtual community which has access to the community, organizations and service providers across the country. As per the Rights of Persons with Disability Act 2016, the platform represents all the 21 disabilities.

Why EnAble Community?

  • To create inclusive social circles- Likeminded people to interact
  • Community driven platform- By the people, of the people and for the people
  • Connecting to a global community- A guided and moderated platform while communication is open, the tone and topics are checked regularly to be respectful and safe
  • Right to information- Verified and authentic disability related information

Who is it for?

Persons with Disability, NGOs, companies, parents, and other enablers can use EnAble Community to interact and share information regarding opportunities, travel & leisure, mobility employment, education, schemes, solutions, etc.