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Friendly and Involved

Vipraj S Bharadwaj | Electronics Relays India Pvt. Ltd. | Person with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder & Intellectual Disability

During some riots in the city, Vipraj was waiting for his vehicle to pick him up. He spotted his company MD outside and offered to take him in his car saying it was not safe to go and that he would drop him on the way.

This is 27-year-old Vipraj, and his concern is genuine. Vipraj is an only child - father is a doctor and mother is a businesswoman. Vipraj, grew up in a positive atmosphere with his grandmother and aunts giving him good care and affection. He helps his mother around doing household chores -- he especially loves cooking. He’s also good at oral communication.

Initially it was difficult to make him sit in a place but post vocational training at Nithya Saadhana, Vipraj has become well behaved and was placed in an electronics assembly mainstream job. He changed his job and is comfortable in his new work environment now. Vipraj has been working in his current workplace for the past 1.5 years. He does three phases of the assembly – potting, testing & printing and also does cleaning of the plates using acetone solution.

Vipraj’s aunts have taken keen interest in making sure he gets the right kind of vocational training and is as independent as possible. Vipraj when placed, first earned the friendship of all his peers by being extremely cordial with them and running any errands that they needed. He also picked up the skills with ease. His family encouraged him throughout, especially for small achievements.

« There is a big difference and transformation from the day he joined and now. He has improved a lot. Whenever a function happens, Vipraj takes lot of interest and involvement and everybody likes him. He has picked up the work well. »
Mr. Shiv Prasad, Managing Director, Electronic Relays India Pvt. Ltd.

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