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EnAble India

EnAble India is a non-profit organization working for economic independence and dignity of persons with disability (PwDs) since 1999, impacting thousands of PwDs and stakeholders. Considered to be a pioneer in employability and employment of persons with disability, EnAble India has catered to the needs of 19 disabilities thus far.

We have impacted 325,000+ individuals including persons with disabilities and their families in 28 states and 7 union territories in India. In the past 21 years, EnAble India has collaborated with 726 companies and 229 partner organizations across 1253 locations in 25 countries.

We have opened up 388 job roles across 34 sectors. We have built 12+ models and frameworks to train employable persons with disability, and includable leaders capable of leading the change. In fact, EnAble India’s models and content are used across many organizations not only in India but also in Africa, Asia, Europe and America. For more information, visit