Employment of persons with disabilities

India has almost 3 crore people with disability (PwD)

The rise in awareness of disability in India cannot be debated. Just about 20 years ago, most of the jobs that were available for persons with disabilities was in the government sector. While that might have had a lot to do with the fact that there were reservation quota mandates in place, the employment setting is no longer the same.  

Due to the multiplied and iterated efforts of domestic and international companies, hiring persons with disability in mainstream employment is not a novel concept anymore. However, the fact remains that India has almost 3 crore people with disability (PwD) of which around 1.3 crore is employable but only 34 lakh of them have been employed across the organised sector, unorganised sector, government-led schemes or are self-employed. According to a report by UnearthInsight1, “India has a potential worker bandwidth of 3.4 lakh non-tech graduates, polytechnic and diploma holders who could be skilled and brought into mainstream services sector and knowledge industry to push per capita income.”  

These gaps can be bridged by firstly understanding the reality of the pool of persons with disability. This pool of people have several challenges starting from their journey of pursuing education that continues on till the period of looking for jobs. These challenges are mostly in forms of accessibility and lack of awareness which can be combated by fostering the culture of inclusion within the company from the leadership level of companies. 


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